Film Review: ‘Money Monster: Not every conspiracy is a theory.’

I apologize to my readers for having taken a month-long break from my writing. The sheer amount of recent information intake I’ve been through delayed me, from reading David Icke’s latest book Phantom Self to the Disclosure Project by Steven Greer, we are witnessing the World undergoing a Historical tectonic shift. Having said that, I was burning to write about the movie I went to see recently. Enjoy and thank you for your time.

Prologue: Earth, 2016

First off, what an Amazing time we live in. In a relatively short period of time, we have gone from living in small tribal communities to a thriving, global inter-connected World that links us together, not just virtually via Internet, but also spiritually in what Dr Carl Jung described as the collective unconsciousness. This is what I refer to as the Zeitgeist. And while some may dismiss this notion, it is in my view an undeniable force that affects us all individually. Though I could get into more details, I want to address our current growing collective unconsciousness in 2016: Awakening & Resentment of the Establishment.

Just days ago, I went to see the newly-released film ‘Money Monster’ directed by Jodie Foster, starring George Clooney (Lee Gates), Julia Roberts (Patty Fenn) and Jack O’Connell (Kyle Bugwell). Let me first say that this was a terrific movie. Without blowing too many spoilers, the film depicts a financial analyst on Wall Street, Lee Gates, who hosts his own TV show tracking the markets trends, when one day, a man Kyle, armed with a pistol storms in on-stage with the intentions to denounce the ruthless manipulation of corporate bankers in our societies.

This is as much as I will write about the plot. Needless to say, go watch the film in theatres if you have the opportunity, or keep it in your bookmarks for later release.

Having said that, this is one of those rare films that I feel captures the current zeitgeist and portrays our current societal landscape. You see, Money Monster is as much of a great action thriller movie as it is a docu-drama of what is really happening today, and has been cooking for a long-time. What do I mean by this?

2007-08: Subprime Crisis & Fed Bail-out – $16 Trillion Untold Story

By now, most of us have a vague awareness of the subprime-induced financial crisis that swept through the world’s economies circa 2007-2008, the massive bankruptcy of investment funds and more notoriously, the global bail-out of banks by the US Federal Reserve of $16 Trillion dollars (Yes, that’s $16,000 Billion dollars of taxpayers money). While most of us have heard of the first incident, not so much has been investigated in regards to the second part. In fact, no one’s really bothered to go after any of the culprits on Wall Street to find out where and why have the culprits been bailed out when they deliberately crashed the system. Sadly, what this shows us is that Big Banks can get away with crimes and scandals like no-one else can. This should cause alarm bells to everyone. Until recently, I had personally never really bothered to try to understand the story, although I had glimpsed Matt Taibbi’s chilling book ‘Griftopia’. However, my recent reading of books such as ‘The Money Mafia’ by Paul Hellyer have really cleared out the fog for me to unveil a much bigger and clearer picture. What it is is very simple. It is pure fraud and deception on a scale never-before-seen. And it is a massive network of colluding interests that involves all big industries including, but not limited to: Oil & Energy; Food & Pharmaceuticals; Media & Entertainment & most importantly, governments around the world. If you want to understand how it all works, you have to start doing the research yourself.

Here’s a question to ponder: Where does our experience of reality come from? Most of us would agree that the News plays a big part in shaping our ideas of what is going on in the World and the issues we pay attention to. Fun Fact: The current US Media is controlled almost exclusively by 6 Giant conglomerates, and these aren’t limited to US publications alone. Once you realize this, you must realize that the owners of these conglomerates have an agenda, not theirs necessarily, but those from a higher echelon (what is sometimes called the Invisible Hand aka Big Bank honchos)  and thus what goes against that agenda will invariably not make it through, or be prone to dis-information (false information; counter-intelligence). And do not think Social Media or public platforms like Reddit are immuned to this. The latter is owned by Condé Nast, a mass media company. Recently, RT reported on how Hillary Clinton’s Political Action Committee (PAC) had invested $1 Million to pay trolls in order to “to defend Hillary Clinton from baseless attacks,”.  Facebook has been shown to do the same regarding it’s NewsFeed by manipulating trends favorizing pro-democrat news stories over conservative ones.

What happens when your reality is shaped by corporate interests?

So what happens when you control the media and by extension, public opinion? Take a look at the state of our current civilization. We are more worried about transgender bathrooms and political-correctness than about persecuting those responsible for stealing and laundering the trillions of taxpayers money; rather than seeking those responsible for deliberately destroying evidence about 9/11; and offshore bank heavens. This is a game that is being played on us by a very few at the top. Make no mistake. Money doesn’t simply vanish out of thin-air. It is merely being funnelled to the Top. This is what I call the Shadow World Government (aka New World Order) and until we realize and recognize this, there is no possibility of change.

Conspiracy Theory Reality

I started this post to talk about Money Monster and I digressed slightly by morphing into our current reality. And this is precisely my point: The fact that we are seeing films like these coming out is a testament to what I was saying about the Zeitgeist – The populist sentiment of frustration and awakening that is currently taking place all over the world.

Frankly, the way I see it, the only way out from this situation is by having an informed global citizenry. But most of all, it requires a shift in consciousness within ourselves. What do we want out of this life? Are we simply the screws and cogs of this gargantuan and soulless Machine? And what is required of us to change it?

In my view, Money Monster is a daring attempt from Jodie Foster not so much to blow the lid on the alleged conspiracy taking place. Rather, it is a painting of our World in 2016, with all its frivolous media and the bigger question that begs for an answer: What will it take for the world to wake up and take action?

Imagine a World where we would invest this wealth into creating a universal basic income guarantee. Now that’s a Future I want to live to see.

EDIT: May 23 3:30PM: Added more details in regards to recent public media organizations and Facebook manipulations with additional links.

Thank you for reading my entry and I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave a comment below. My inspiration to write comes from a need to express myself on topics I consider vital for a thriving and free society. And a lack of trust/accountability from the Main Stream Media (MSM).


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