PsyOps Millenial : The South Park prophecy come true.

Zen Gardner, on false flag terrorism


Definition: PsyOps – abbreviation for Psychological Operations, term used to denote any action which is practiced mainly by psychological methods with the aim of evoking a planned psychological reaction in other people.” – Wikipedia

Psychological Operations (PsyOps) are a form of propaganda, often used in military operations conjunctly with false-flag operations with the implicit intent to steer public perception and opinion in a specific direction. Today with hindsight, we recognize that many, if not most, of the biggest conflicts that have happened in the last century have sparked from such operations.

Common examples of psy-ops/false-flag events include among them, the Manchurian Incident (or Mukden Incident) which was used by the Japanese Imperial Army to justify the invasion of China under the false pretext that Chinese dissidents blew up a transport bridge in 1931. Around the same time in 1933, the Reichstag Fire incident in Berlin, orchestrated by Nazis was used to justify cracking down and execute anyone labelled a Communist and silence any opposition at all. Similar events such as the 1964 Gulf of Tongkin incident used yet again as a catalyst to start war and send troops to Vietnam, killing millions and many more, in a bloody conflict that lasted from the early 60s until 1973.

My point being, these are documented facts that today are almost unanimously accepted as concrete examples of false-flag operations designed to steer public opinion and perception. And yet today, does anyone dare questioning the events of September 11, 2001 and the official narrative dictated by governments and parroted by the media worldwide ever since, including claims of WMDs by Saddam used to invade and take-over Iraq which today is a nesting ground for even more bloody conflict. Nor do we know why/how the $52 billion tax-payers dollars are being spent on. If anything, History shows that we should be more questioning of Authority, rather than blatantly accept and catch the bait. When Adolf Eichmann, senior SS officer under Adolf Hitler and major orchestrator of the Holocaust, captured in 1960 by the Mossad in Argentina and sent to Israel to be tried, has since become synonymous with the term Banality of Evil, a term coined by Hanna Arendt to describe the mechanisms of that allow evil to occur, such as nazism, often arise as a result of the circumstances where the choices are dictated by authority and fear under the auspices of “I was simply following orders”.

2016 Assessment: more mass-murders; coups d’états  and mind-manipulation.

Orlando; Nice; Munich; Turkey; Kabul; Japan. These are just some of the places making our headlines parroted in the news daily and if things could be any worse, we have only just passed into the second-half of 2016. The trends around the globe are clear: ever more polarizing mass-murders, psyops and coups happening on a global scale. From the recent staged coup in Turkey, to Japanese PM Abe wanting to change the Japanese Constitution and to create an army while furthering crackdowns on human rights and public dissidence. Again, the message is clear: if you are not locked in by fear spread from the PR organizations of Governments (aka mainstream corporate-media), then you better believe it’s going to get worse. Or so they say.

Trojan Horsed Pokemon Go & Ultra Mind-Kontroll operations.

The workings of a Trojan horse.

The Pokemon Go craze has become viral since its recent release in July and its floodgates already opened in more countries by the day. By now, it should not be a surprise that the new Pokemon is a Trojan Horse unleashed on the Millennial generation to create unwitting agents in the service of spy agencies disguised as start-ups. An initial article posted last week on Gawker has been viewed more than 1.4m, exposing the links between PokemonGo developers, NianticLabs and their founder John Hanke, and the links with In-Q-Tel which is none more than the tech venture-capital arm of the CIA. Reports already indicate that PokemonGo has broken app download records worldwide, and daily incidents are covered about public disruptions in major cities, as well as governments, such as the Kremlin opposing the game-release under evidence of links with the CIA.

Pokemon Go has quickly grabbed our generations youth by disguising itself under the Pokemon moniker. Not only is it a distraction tool in those eventful times, it could very well be applied to creating calculated havoc and mayhem everywhere on its track. Even in the relatively peaceful city of Vancouver (BC), the symptoms of mind-kontroll operations and chaos can be felt with an eerie sensation as I stroll outside. By preying on the unsuspecting youth and using their phones as a sonar scanning cities and indoor spaces, as well as endangering the youth and general public, like the instance in Vancouver where a Pokemon gym attracting players to clubhouse operated by the Hells Angels biker gang.

For those Batman aficionados, you may remember the scene which Fox turns all cellphones into sonar to map entire cities, if not the entire World. Simply replace Sonar with Augmented Reality (AR) and you have yourself Pokemon Go, which cunningly deceives the user into an agent of the state. Perhaps the most prophetic call of all was South Park in their 1999 episode making use of a plot in which kids are storming into stores to buy the latest Chinpokomons, but not before a calculated agenda to brainwash American kids become apparent and ultimately to the raise a new Pearl Harbor attack. With the way it’s currently going, it sure looks like we’re headed that way.

Pokemon Batman Sonar-Vision 


So what’s waiting next: If anything, this should cause some alarms and red-flags to be raised and to question the usage of our phones, privacy and think twice before accepting and following official narratives. After all, this is cunningly done to ourselves, by ourselves. Proper information can go a long way, to a certain extent, to affect our individual and collective behaviours. I believe an informed citizenry is essential to maintain the spirit of freedom that breeds a harmonious society.

I will leave this post with a quote from a wise man who knew far more than what he was allowed to divulge. With all that being said, stay safe. Stay awake.



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